Credit despite 2 loans

For some consumers, one loan is not enough and they take out a second loan. However, the danger here is that the borrowers will get bogged down because two installments have to be paid monthly. If a loan is requested now despite 2 credits, this usually does not lead to success. Loans are registered in the private credit and they are visible to each bank. Another loan commitment is not possible under these conditions, at least not in Germany.

Choose loans wisely

The fact that two loans are needed suggests a lack of financial planning. Moreover, everything indicates that the person concerned can not handle money. The banks will also see that when it comes to the question of another loan despite 2 loans. If the installments were always paid on time, there should be no negative entries in the private credit. Then there may be the possibility of a debt rescheduling loan. But that would mean that all loans are combined into one. Now only a bank has to be found that participates.

Anyone who wants to take out a loan despite debt repayment should use the comparison calculator on the Internet to find the best deals. The term debt rescheduling has plenty of offers from banks that offer such loans. The loan seeker must be clear from the outset that not equal to the first best bank will give a loan commitment. It could well be the case that a loan application must be made with several banks.

Credit from abroad

Right from the beginning it should be mentioned at this point that a loan from abroad is only possible up to an amount of around 5,000 euros. Foreign banks do not have access to private credit, and anyone applying for a loan here does not have to worry about being reported to the private credit. If the amount of 5.000, – Euro is sufficient, then the loan seeker must prove an appropriate salary, because normally these banks only lend up to 3.000, – Euro. With this sum, they only take a small risk. In addition, they secure themselves by a declaration of assignment. If the installments are not paid, then the bank gets the attachable part of the income.

The house bank

The house bank

If it is about a higher loan amount and is still a good credit, then it may be worthwhile to seek the interview with the adviser of the house bank. In most cases, the first loan was taken here. With a branch bank is also a rescheduling possible, because something else would be a loan despite 2 loans not. Under certain circumstances, an increase in an already existing loan would be considered. It then has to be expected with higher rates and higher interest rates, but this would eliminate the rate for the second loan.

Basically, you should not let it come so far, because this way can end in over-indebtedness. The inevitable result is that the installments can no longer be paid, which in turn can lead to a legal dunning procedure. Before you even think about a second loan, you should better turn to a debt counseling service.

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